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My PC freezes when on sites

2017/01/07 16:39
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I will click on a item and it delays reaction for 5 seconds or more. Then after a few clicks it freezes completely sometimes taking several minutes to un freeze
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2017/01/09 08:54

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Hello David,

Thank you for posting your concern's here.

I am sorry to hear about the freezing issue.

Could you please let me know the name of the specific website your visiting so I could further assist you?

Screenshots of the problem would be helpful for further investigation.

Hoping to hear from you.



Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2017/01/14 11:02

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Hi David,

If you are experiencing delayed reaction on internet or your Internet Explorer is not responding properly, then you can try the below fixes in order to resolve this issue.

Fix 1 : Performance settingd

1. Press Windows button and type troubleshooting and pick Troubleshooting from results.

2. In the Troubleshooting window shown below, click View all link in the left pane.

3. Next, in the All Categories window, run the Internet Explorer Performance and Internet Explorer Safety troubleshooters one by one by following on screen instructions.

Once you have completed troubleshooting, restart your computer and check with IE, the problem should be fixed now.

Fix 2: Clear cache

1. Start your computer up in safe mode with network ok.
2. Run you antivirus scan. While that is running go to Internet explorer reset it back to default setting o.k.. Wait for the scan to finish.
3. Then try opening up your Internet Explorer click on safety tab click on delete browser history leave the first box blank and check mark all the rest of the boxes.

Fix 3: Tweak settings
1. Press Windows button and type features and pick Turn Windows features on or off from results.

2. Moving on, in Windows Features window, uncheck the Internet Explorer 10 option.

3. Upon unchecking the option in previous step, you’ll be prompted for confirmation, hence select Yes.

4. Now, check the same option which we unchecked in step 2 and then reboot your machine. Open IE and it should work for you now.

Fix 4. Repair Windows 7
Just to rule out any issue with Windows 7 system files, go ahead and boot off the DVD and run the Startup Repair. Once you load the tool, you can perform a startup repair, try a system restore, or go to the command prompt. At the command prompt, you can try running a couple of commands:
chkdsk drive: /r
sfc /scannow

For chkdsk, just replace the word “drive” with the drive letter you want to scan, i.e. C:, D:, etc. The sfc command is the System File Checker, which will go through and fix any issues with corrupted or missing system files. So basically, you need to run the startup repair, try a system restore and run these two commands at the command prompt.
I hope this helps in resolving this issue.


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