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0 answers
Asked by
Rene Fustec
2018/02/21 12:43
I had this problem an hour ago by clicking on administrator instead of my name
1 answer
2018/02/19 04:38
When I booted my laptop for the first time I got an error stating the setup was bad and restarted while going into setup. I have not had this problem again, but I have had several other error codes. MUST_SUCCEED_POOL_EMPTY wa ...
error which happened a couple hours later just out of the blue. My computer crashed again a couple hours later but I forgot to write error code down. The next day laptop worked fine for several hours until I got another error message (I forgot what it was and I threw away what I wrote it on like a dummy but I can find out when tech support opens again). I called the company I got the laptop from and they said it sounded like a bad hard drive. I was going to replace hard drive anyway so I declined service. Today I got another error message and laptop restarted before I could write the code down and immediately crashed again while signing into windows giving me error code Bad Memory something. Again it happened so quick I could not write it down. All the crashes happen at random times. They don't seem to have anything in common and it never happens while doing same thing, for instance downloading something or booting up something. I ran a health report and the only problem was storage was almost full so I got rid of my onedrive files on laptop since it was taking up over 90% of my hard drive. I did this after third error code. My laptop is a Dell LatitudeD630.
1 answer
Asked by
節子 今井
2018/02/13 00:51
It seems that it clicked easily if it became convenient more now than not having accessed it especially problem. Then, as soon as the next payment request came and ignored, I do not feel like trusting. Since I feel annoying w ...
n up my computer I'd like to hang out with my house.
1 answer
Asked by
Dean Doxtater
2018/02/12 21:51
When trying to download PcReviver at 4:30 pm
0 answers
2018/02/12 20:06
Kjøpte for en stund siden PC-Reviwer i den tro, som dere påstod i reklamen, at dette var det eneste vedlikeholdsprogrammet jeg trengte. Har hatt problem med å laste ned elementer fra Windows Update i det siste. Får feilko ...
iden... Hvordan kan det ha seg at PC-Reviver, som jeg har aktiv lisens for, rapporterer kun et fåtall problemer, mens Registry Reviver finner over 2000 feil/problemer. Virker ikke helt troverdig.... Er det i så tilfelle mulig å få byttet lisensen fra PC-Reviver til Registry Reviver? Virker bortkastet å betale for PC-Reviver, når den ikke lever opp til reklamen.... Her er oppdateringen jeg har problem med: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 for Windows 7 og Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB4033342) Installasjonsdato: ‎12.‎02.‎2018 19:13 Installasjonsstatus: Mislykket Feildetaljer: Kode 13EC Oppdateringstype: Anbefales Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 er en svært kompatibel, direkteoppdatering for alle tidligere versjoner av .NET Framework 4.X. Når du har installert denne oppdateringen, kan det hende at du må starte datamaskinen på nytt. Mer informasjon: Hjelp og støtte:
1 answer
Asked by
Ernie Powell
2018/02/09 20:26
I have always had it since I had a new hard drive put in .
It does it quit often ,but it does up date
Dell computer
1 answer
Asked by
Keshav Uniyal
2018/02/08 22:36
i can even change my window. my laptop is hp 350 g1 with i5 processor
1 answer
2018/02/05 16:06
My account was charged at the end of October 2017 and I have no invoice or code ????
 because I had to change my address due to hacking (2 times in 2017)
So I do not want to continue Driver Reviver. J
I prefer to contact ...
1 answer
2018/02/03 10:16
2 answers
Asked by
2018/01/27 11:36
I have a phone lg f60, the day before yesterday after resetting the settings, the message "the interface has stopped", I tried resetting the reset, resetting the phone, hard reset, changing the theme and nothing, can it be fi ...
I did not upload the software itself or what, because I can not and I do not want to spoil it more
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