The essential tools to safely repair, optimize and maintain your Hard Disk Drive

Restore optimum PC performance and stability
Free up valuable disk space for more storage
Trusted and recommended all-in-one maintenance

Trusted and recommended

ReviverSoft products have been awarded the highest of accolades from industry experts including PC World, Digital Trends, CNet, LAPTOP Mag and many others. You can be rest assured that your PC hardware is in safe hands with Disk Reviver.

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Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver

Safely update and maintain your Computer’s Drivers

Identify out-of-date drivers quickly and easily.
Update ALL out-of-date drivers safely using original manufacturer drivers
Maximize the performance and functionality of your PC and its devices
Security Reviver

Security Reviver

Protect your computer from Malware, Spyware and other security threats.

Automatically scan for threats
Protects you from spyware, malware, worms, adware and more
Continually updated to keep you protected
Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver

Safely repair, optimize and maintain your Windows registry

Quickly repair registry problems
Optimize your Windows registry
Reduce startup time of your PC
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