VGA、HDMI和DVI之間有什麼區別?What’s the Difference Between VGA, HDMI and DVI?

The Difference Between VGA, HDMI and DVIThe Difference Between VGA, HDMI and DVIThe Difference Between VGA, HDMI and DVI
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HDMI,它最早出現在2003年,現代電視經常發現,也是對大多數較新的電腦顯示器,並正在迅速成為大多數筆記本電腦所需的硬件。 HDMI是一種數字標準,這意味著連接是on(1)或關(0)。電纜的質量,從機器到顯示器的距離和金屬連接器類型都幾乎不相關的(所以不要付出了一大堆你的HDMI線!)HDMI還可以處理的安全性,這意味著某些類型的信號,諸如收費電視,可以從沿HDMI電纜行進被阻止。 HDMI聲音處理以及視頻,所以用一個耳機插孔顯示器和HDMI線可以輸出的聲音從你的筆記本電腦。 HDMI貌似中間的圖形。



  • 匿名

    thanks for that information,
    Good Bless you.

  • Simeon

    I am very glad thet can to read for HDMI.thanks

  • Simeon

    HDMI cable 10 meters long,will bi good for transoport(audi and video) from my PS to my TV?

  • Hi Simeon,
    Yes … the nice thing about HDMI is that it can be almost any length, and the signal won’t degrade, since it’s a digital cable. You can also purchase inexpensive HDMI cables and get exactly the same quality signal as you would with an overpriced cable.

    Good luck!

  • foam

    where are these ports present are they on laptops or the television

  • Abhishek Koli


    I have an acer s3-391 laptop with an HDMI Port (output). I need to connect it to a projector which has a VGA (input).

    I understand that the Laptop (HDMI port) would send a digital signal output whereas the projector (VGA Port) is compatible to receive analog signal.

    Is there some connector or adapter that can be used to switch the signal from digital to analog?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Abhishek,
    Yes, there are many HDMI out to VGA in convertors out there. Be aware that you may run into digital rights management issues if the HDMI signal carries them. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Ports can be found on any device. Which devices are you asking about specifically?

  • Davide De Vellis

    Hi Gerard,

    You can purchase an adpater to convert your VGA output into HDMI to be able to then plug into your TV. The other problem you will likely face is that since your PC is older there will be compatibility issues. VGA is an analog signal where HDMI is digital. You’re graphics card would need to be able to send Digital signal which is unlikely in an older computer. You can buy a converter but then you really need to consider if it’s worth the time and effort.

  • fred p

    Thanks Steve for such a good and short explanation! It’s quite clear.
    I have a tv with both vga and hdmi connections, and only vga on my pc. Exit vga! I can throw it away! (for now, what the need for?)
    Thanks again,

  • Kath

    I tried and failed to persuade my old monitor to accept a VGA to DVI converter, tried three different ones but no go. So cannot use the graphics card in the newer computer, have to use the inbuilt graphics connection at the mo which isn’t much good. New monitor definitely required.

  • Satyannarayana Yedla

    Thank you for info.

  • Ebbe Hansen

    There is a fourth standard, DisplayPort. It would be nice if you added this to your article.

  • HDMI is the most common connector. But if you want to connect a computer to your TV (or you’ve got a new computer monitor), the options tend to be HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and sometimes old-school VGA.


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