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i dont know when it started and it only happens on some setup programs ie amiga classics and other retro game dvd its the same setup installer i always get the error setup error! -f

Asked by
Andrew jones
2017/03/15 17:47
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i dont know when it started and it only happens on some setup programs ie amiga classics and other retro game dvd its the same setup installer i always get the error setup error! -f
Operating System:
Windows 10
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2017/04/02 08:33
Hi Andrew,

Installation errors affecting Amiga applications within an emulation environment are usually caused by:
  • Destination disk too large (e.g. more than 2 GB)
  • Hard references to CD-ROM volume name
  • Host file system limitations
Fix 1:
If installation does not start on its own after inserting the Disc/Disc 1 in the drive, install the game manually:
  1. Insert the Disc in your disc drive.
  2. Go to your Start Menu > Computer (or My Computer in Windows XP).
  3. Find the CD or DVD drive that contains the disc. Double-click to Open. A new window will display the contents of the game disc.
  4. Find the Setup file (this file will display as Setup Application, Setup.exe, or Setup Launcher InstallShield). Double-click this Setup file to start installation.
  5. If install still does not start and you have more than one disc drive on your computer, try using the other disc drive to install the game.
Fix 2:
To start the installer, boot from the Amiga Forever CD, take a note of the version information that is displayed (KX Light 8.0 or higher), and enter the following command at the initial "boot:" prompt:
  • af-fbtxt 2
Wait a few seconds, after several status messages are displayed, until a new command prompt appears.
The KX Light installer supports online updates. If the version is 8.0, we recommend that you update the installer script before continuing:
  • cd /usr/share/afinstaller
  • ./update-installer
In version 8.1 and higher, the update check is part of the installer script itself, and does not need to be invoked separately.
To start the installer enter:
  • afinstall
Fix 3:
The Amiga Installer program can be set to not consider "assigned" names, and to only look for a volume or device name which matches the desired name (e.g. "Wordworth_7"). This may affect floppy disks and CD-ROMs containing installation files. If a required volume name is not available, there are two alternatives to fix this problem:
  • Right-click the title in the Amiga Forever player, select Edit, and manually set the volume name in the Media tab.
  • Open the installer script, look for where it searches for the volume name (typically a "getassign" command), and where you see the "v" or "dv" flags in that line, append an "a" after the "v", which will tell the installer to consider not only volume and device names, but also assigned names. Then "assign" the desired volume name from the Shell (e.g. "Assign Wordworth_7: WinCD:").
I hope this helps.



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