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Some BSOD errors

2017/09/26 11:22
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I have random bsod screens with many errors by xntkrnl.exe or ntoskrnl.exe and i dont know what to do. Last dumps in rar archive here:
i view it with BlueScreenView, but dont give a what is it.
Please, help who know.
Operating System:
Windows 7
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Hello Армен,

Thank you for reaching to us through this platform.

I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing.

Please consider the following fixes given below.
  • Update your system drivers
Updating your system drivers helps you fix this issue.

If you have downloaded one of our products, I would suggest running a scan on an admin level so you could fully fix the issue.

If you have PCReviver installed, please see the steps given below.

1. Please open your PCReviver program.

2. Kindly select the Repair tab.

3. Now click Scan, after the scanning process is complete please select Repair.

4. Please wait for the repair process, you should be able to fix the issue once it's done.

If the solution above did not help you, please see the solution given below.
  • Run the Windows system file checker
Windows file checker is a built-in tool to help you fix corrupted Windows files.

1. Please click the Start button.

2. Type CMD in the search box, please do not press enter yet.
Hold CTRL+Shift on your keyboard, hit ENTER ,you will be prompted with a permission dialog box or you can simple right-click the command prompt app and select run as administrator.

3. Kindly select Yes.

4. A black console window will open with a blinking cursor.

5. Please type sfc /scannow and hit ENTER.

6. The System File Checker should begin the scanning process to fix and locate issues on your computer.

If the issue still persists, please check your Windows update.

  • Window's update helps you solve a lot of Windows issues.

1. Please click the Start button.

2. Type update into the search box and hit ENTER.

3. The Window's Update dialog box will appear.

4. If updates are available, click the Install Updates button.

Hope this helps!

Additional help, please see link below.


If you have additional issues, please let me know.



Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2017/11/05 12:36

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Hi Армен,

It might happen due to incorrect clock settings and you can rectify it using the below steps.

Fix: Reset Overclocking Settings

Note: The following instructions are for Windows 7. The procedure is different if you’re on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system.

1) Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, or until your system completely shut down.
2) Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press F1, F2, F10, ESC or Delete for desktops to enter the BIOS.

3) Use the arrow key to go to Exit and then move down to Load Setup Defaults. (Your computer might be different, but you should be able to see the option Load Setup Default.)

4) Then press the Enter key. You might be able to see a notification like this. Use the arrow key to select Yes and then press Enter again.

5) Exit Saving Changes should be highlighted now. Press Enter and then press Enter again to save configuration change.

Your computer will restart.  

I hope this helps.


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