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Why does my macbook keep saying the disk is full.

Asked by
amy reynolds
2013/10/23 06:37
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There is very little software on this machine, and very few documents
Operating System:
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Answered by
Mark Beare
2013/10/26 11:03

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Is the message you are seeing \'Your startup disk is full\'? MacReviver has a feature called Disk Usage that allows you to get a quick glimpse of where your hard drive is being used up. You can give that a try to help you.

Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2015/12/07 07:59

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Hi Amy,

You can easily free up the disk using the below steps:

1.Determine how much disk space you have
Open Disk Utility (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility), then click your disk then click info, as seen in the following screen shot:

disk utility info
2.Delete items you no longer need
Move files you do not need to the Trash or select an item you want to delete and press command+delete. Then empty your trash by selecting Empty Trash from the Finder menu.
empty trash
Also note that some applications, such as iPhoto, iMovie and Mail, have their own Trash. So you may want to empty their trash too. Here is how:
  • Mail: click Mailbox > Erase Deleted Items > In All Accounts, and Mailbox > Erase Junk Mail. (instead of deleting, you may also consider archiving your email, see #6: Compress your items below)
  • iPhoto: click iPhoto > Empty iPhoto Trash.
  • iMovie: click File > Move to Trash or File > Move Rejected Clips to Trash.
3.Delete Downloads
Anything you download from the Internet are stored in the Downloads folder.
First check to make sure that you do not need any of these items. Click Finder then download. And drag any item you do not need to the Trash then empty the trash. For instance you may want to delete the disk image (.dmg) files.
delete downloads

4.Delete apps you no longer use

Open your Applications folder and delete any apps that you no longer use.
If you want to delete/uninstall an app that you purchased from the Mac App Store, open Launchpad then press and hold down the app icon that you want to remove, when they jiggle, click the delete (x) button.
If you want to remove other apps, drag the app icon to the trash then empty the trash.
delete uninstall apps Mac
5.Move files to another disk
You may want to consider moving items (such as photos, large files, movies, etc.) to another disk, such as an external drive, USB drive, DVD, or cloud storage.

6.Compress large items
You may want to compress your files because compressed files take up less storage space.
Here is how you can locate large files so you can compress:
  • Select Finder > Go > Home > File > Find then open the Kind menu, then select Other. Now check the checkbox for File Size. Now enter a file size (e.g. 50MB) and find items that are larger than 50MB.
  • To compress items, simple choose a file to compress and press control+click then choose Compress.
find large files mac
  • If you want to archive your emails, launch the Mail app, select a folder to archive, e.g. the Inbox, drag it to the desktop. Now you will see a mbox folder. Then control-click on this folder and select “Create Archive of ‘Inbox.mbox'” then delete the messages from Mail.
7.Clean up temporary files, system caches and logs
You may clean up a variety of System logs and temporary files to increase your Mac’s disk space.

8.Clear your browser’s cache
Clearing the cache could free space on your Mac. If you are using Safari, you can do this in Safari by clicking Safari > Reset Safari. You can do the same in other browsers as well, Chrome, Firefox etc.

I hope this helps.


Answered by
2013/10/29 04:42

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Hi Amy, We recommend using the clean up features included in ReviverSoft\'s MacReviver. You can download it for your Mac from here: Let us know how you go with this! James

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