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I want to uninstall it

2018/04/16 08:17
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Operating System:
Windows 10
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Hello Mitumasa,

Thank you for contacting the ReviverSoft support team.

You can uninstall a ReviverSoft product, by following the instructions given below:

In Windows XP:

Go to ' Start ' > ' Settings ' > ' Control Panel ' > Open ' Add or Remove Programs ' > Select "PRODUCT NAME HERE" > Click on ' Remove ' > Follow the prompts to remove the program

In Windows Vista, 7 and higher:

Go to ' Start ' > Control Panel ' > Open ' Uninstall a program ' > Select "PRODUCT NAME HERE " > Click on ' Remove ' > Follow the prompts to remove the program

For additional assistance with the uninstallation process, please refer to
the detailed guide below:


For your information, you can also use this method to uninstall other software from your computer.

If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know.

Best Regards,



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