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why my account is not correctly ?

2014/05/30 06:57
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I am trying 1 hour , but it isn t correctly .
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I installed windows 8.1 ................. ( exquse me )
2014/05/30 00:00
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2014/05/30 07:13
Where did you get your license key? This is the type of message you would see when your license key has been blocked by Microsoft. Is the key taken from MSDN or did you get the license code from or another website?

Commented by mehdi chinehkesh
2014-05-30 08:14:06
I got it in Persia from shop store but I don t think my license key has blocked by Microsoft , because Microsoft told me this license is correct . I think that my PC problems are in drivers and I cannot do this (installation) correctly . & really now my PC running right but it needs to update and I think when my PC will update does not work correctly . therefore it seems that to need preparing first with your technical help . sincerely yours Mehdi chinehkesh .
Commented by mehdi chinehkesh
2014-05-30 08:17:54
thanks for logging your site , it has done . sincerely yours , Mehdi chinehkesh .
Commented by Mark Beare
2014-05-31 03:05:22
Have you contacted Microsoft about this problem. They would be the best people to call about any problems associated with Windows activation.


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