Your All-Inclusive, On-Demand, Everyday PC Care.

Say goodbye to hours spent looking for the right software.

Experience the power of ReviverSoft’s powerful yet easy to use products in one convenient, affordable subscription for your computer.

All you need to keep your computer running like NEW is now at your fingertips:

  • Total access to ReviverSoft’s suite of PC & Mac software
  • Unlimited product updates, upgrades and special offers
  • Tech support to help you know your PC inside and out
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ReviverSoft® Total PC Care.

Peace of mind is just a few steps away.

Get full access to the entire ReviverSoft product line for ONLY $99 a year AND enjoy unlimited updates, upgrades, exclusive offers, tech support and more.

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Meet your software arsenal

Maintaining a secure and efficient computer can be a full-time job. But you never have to spend another second wondering if you have the right program for the job.

You’ll receive full access to ReviverSoft’s product suite to cover all your PC performance and protection needs - all year long.

PC Reviver

Keep your computer stable and free up storage space with PC Reviver’s diagnostic tools. This program will optimize PC performance by finding and repairing problems with your computer.

Security Reviver

Scan your computer for malware and other threats. Security Reviver dentifies and deletes this spyware, keeping your computer free from infection and repeat offenders.

Privacy Reviver

Protect yourself from internet fraud by guarding your browsing history. Privacy Reviver looks for personal information that is vulnerable to hackers and erases traces of your online activity to keep your data private and secure.

Disk Reviver

Clean and maintain your hard drive with Disk Reviver. Enjoy freed up storage space and an improvement in computer performance.


Install any application with complete confidence. InstallSafe alerts you if other applications download with your planned install or change your browser settings. Revert any changes you don’t want in seconds.

Registry Reviver

Repair, optimize, and maintain your Windows registry and enjoy a shorter startup process. Registry Reviver will scan your registry for errors and reduce the time it takes to start up.

Driver Reviver

Identify and update your drivers with the manufacturer’s original driver using Driver Reviver. Keep your drivers up to date and enjoy a faster, more functional PC without the guesswork.

And for Mac owners...


The one-stop-shop tool for your Mac. Keep it clean, optimized and restore lost performance and stability in minutes. Get an extra layer of security & peace of mind with the Anti-Theft Protection feature.Your Mac in safe hands with MacReviver.

To round out your arsenal of PC performance and protection tools, we included Battery Optimizer and Start Menu Reviver at no additional charge.

You deserve hassle-free PC care.

Total PC Care was designed to give you, year-round access to ReviverSoft’s entire product collection. But your subscription offers so much more!

Subscribe today to receive unlimited access to all our products, updates, upgrades, and other helpful resources to stay up to date. Take advantage of our exclusive special offers when they come your way. Reach out to our support team or community of experts for complete peace of mind.

Stay confident every time you power up your computer and know that we have all your computer needs covered!

A deal just for you.

You don’t have to spend hours comparing software prices online, trying different products or worse, paying hundreds or thousands on computer repairs. Total PC Care takes care of all that for you.

You get all of ReviverSoft's products for less than half the price of what you would spend on them individually.

Get ready to future-proof your PC, save money and spend more time on what really matters.

Invest in your PC today!

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