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Why do I Blue Screen errors on my one-month old laptop?

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Chris Ras
2017/02/13 19:19
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I use Google Maps .. visit various sites .. MIDI audio using Windows Media Player .. ..the laptop seems to often sound -is not very often silent .. Windows Defender was -by me- tried to disable (and / or remove) Laptop initially contained 30 day trial McAfee software. McAfee software was removed and PC Reviver Reviver + Security were installed and added -later bought Disk Reviver. When given first use laptop notebook make- ready, black screen while working on preparing / install. ..I look a little Windows logs and see that there are frequent errors and warnings. I do nothing else with the entries from the log, I have too little knowledge of and / or not in the mood / no patience for. I once had a message vannuit the action window (?) That the browser '' Edge '' does quickly drain the battery (?) If it is well recommended updates not installed so far. use a computer with Lenovo, Windows 10 ..
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voor nu niets..
2017/02/13 19:19
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Started happening about 3 weeks ago at the same time as I had the HD replaced.
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mein pc ist put mochte nun reviversoft auf mein laptop registriren wie geht das und was muß ich tun
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I kept getting the blue screen with Driver Power State Failure error message and then my computer would restart. I found your product and it did not happen any more. I just purchased an anti-virus (kaspersky) and now it is doing it again. It is so frustrating. My computer is only 6 months old. It is a Asus desktop.
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