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How to cancel licence renewal

Asked by
Jon Wilkie
2017/03/15 12:04
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I am totally frustrated by this wretched company. I have been charged for a licence renewal without warning. My account says the products Driver and Registry Revivers have been reset but all the site does is try to take more money off me. The only alternative, if I cannot cancel licence renewal and obtain a refund is to cancel my credit card, which is very inconvenient!
Operating System:
Windows 10
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Answered by
Connor Moses
7 days ago
This program is very helpful, and it is worth paying for, but if you aren't willing to pay the amount they charge then unfortunately for the company you'll have to go online and see how to get it for free; they're usually called 'cracks' or 'keys' and most of the time they work (my license expires in 1970 because of this free method).

Commented by Connor Moses
2017-03-20 11:25:08
*These keys also never expire so you only have to do it once ;)


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