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Hi, what is my license box? The only thing I've got up is the clerverbrigde code it's: 115043748, I can not copy or paste license code neither the electricity. License key please help me as soon as possible and get paid for this I have paid up to201803.07 Mvh

2017/07/07 11:08
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I'm notified that there is a wrong license key and why? Can you call me +4740748149 anyway, please call me and get someone who can help me? Mvh Charlote Anderl
Operating System:
Windows 10
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Dear Charlotte,
Thanks for posting your concern here.

I'm sorry to hear you had difficulty activating.
At this stage we do not offer phone support, but we are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have via email or through this reply platform.

If you have received a confirmation from Cleverbridge, you can use the link to install the product with instructions.

However, if you still have trouble registering your product, please contact our email support at or through the link below.

http: //reviversoft.c ...

Looking forward to hear from you.




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