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Hello, I have now discovered that you have withdrawn my account $ 712.50 on 05.09.17 for 1 new year's subscription to Reviersoft for you, but you have done this without my consent, unless you return this money to my account immediately I t

Asked by
Odd Ivar
2017/10/02 08:03
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I demand the $ 7,700.00 deducted from my account on 05.09.17 immediately reversed because I do not want this subscription anymore from you, nor have I downloaded the program for a new year.
I explained to you in the previous mail that I have and have always had the protection of my PC through El-purchases when I bought it for approx. 2 years ago.
I have talked to them about this matter and they say this is a waste of money for me.
Hope you understand and transfer the money back to my account immediately.

Odd Ivar Lund
Operating System:
Windows 10
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Hi Odd,

Thank you for posting the query here.

We want to make sure that you are not automatically charged for product renewal.

When the product is due for renewal, you will be sent a reminder by email. It will then be your choice if you choose to renew or not.

But if this is not the case, please contact us via email and the links below and our dedicated support will directly support you.

http: //reviversoft.c ...

Looking forward to hear from you.




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