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Why is my laptop fan so loud and keeps running?

2013/09/05 14:49
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Started happening about 3 weeks ago at the same time as I had the HD replaced.
Operating System:
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2013/09/06 07:13
Hi Richard,

The reason your laptop fan is so loud is because it is running at its maximum speed to quickly expel hot air outside and maintain optimum temperatures inside the laptop. In other words, the fan is doing its job to prevent your hardware components (CPU, GPU or HDD) from overheating.

Why is it overheating?
Possibly due to the accumulation of dust or recent hardware changes

What exactly is overheating?
You can help us find out by posting a screenshot of the HWMonitor program running on your laptop.


As an immediate solution, I would recommend cleaning out the laptop\'s vents using a can of compressed air and using the laptop in a relatively cool room.

Keep us posted :)

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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2015/11/22 12:00

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Hi Richard,

you can follow the below methods to stop your fan from being loud:

1. Buy A Laptop Cooler
Due to their nature, size and increasing amounts of power; laptops seem to just get hotter and hotter. As a rule, my old laptops would generally go for a year without getting too hot. Now they’re so small and powerful that a laptop cooler is pretty much a necessity from day one.

2. Kill Your Processes
The heat generated by the CPU is generally the main heat source within a laptop, and non-vital background processes only serve to make this worse.
You can manually configure what starts up in Windows using the Microsoft System Configuration Utility.
Hit Start, find Run (you may need to search for it, depending on your particular version of Windows) and type in msconfig and click OK.
laptop cooling fan
Navigate to the Startup tab and simply toggle the items you’d like to run when your computer first boots. Many update managers and system tray processes (like Quicktime, Java Update Scheduler, etc) are completely useless and simply sit there wasting your precious resources.

3. Clean your Laptop 
Your laptop’s number one enemy is dust, so removing this dust not only cleans and safeguards your machine but also increases airflow which in turn will boost your fan’s efficiency. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re not 100% sure what your doing.

I hope this helps.



Answered by
David Catling
2015/05/23 17:14

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Why does my laptop stay running all the time open or closed.

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