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This is my second request. How do I determine if my liscenses are registered and correct the error code 3259 errors. I have tried to follow your instructioins but they do not appear as you state them

Asked by
Jon Thompson
2018/05/14 20:11
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There are error code 3259 instances when I sign into my Email.
Myorder number is 135850348 my Email
Ph 937-545-7043
Operating System:
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/05/20 04:12

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Hi Jon,

One of the major causes for Mac outlook error code 3259 is for the wrong implementation or incorrect configuration of POP3 settings. This error don’t allow emails to flow at the receiving end but that doesn’t stop users from sending emails to other accounts.

In order to rectify MAC Outlook 2011 error code 325, you need to follow these following steps:
  • Before getting into the technicalities, first check the web connectivity by signing in your MAC Outlook user account.
  • Now reconfigure the POP3 correctly. To configure your POP account follow the below mentioned steps:
  1. Launch your MAC outlook application
  2. Now select your Microsoft Outlook account by clicking on the tools button
  3. Mention in your Incoming Server text box
  4. Keep your Port number to 995
  5. After configuring Incoming server, specify outgoing server by mentioning in your Outgoing server text box
  6. Keep your port number to 587
  7. Now, click the more options button
  8. In the Authentication tab select Use Incoming Server Info.
  9. Now click on close and exit the application
  10. And finally, click send and receive. 
I hope this helps.


2018/05/16 09:18

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Hello Jon,

Thank you for posting your concern here.

I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing.

I'll be glad to help you with your query.

However, I would need a little more information to be able to help you. Could you please provide more specific details of your problem so I could assist you better?

Screenshots of the problem would also be helpful for further investigation.

You could also contact us through the link below.


Hope to hear from you.



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