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Can your product help in getting rid of extra add ons and software I have in my PC

Asked by
Henry Rudnik
2018/01/22 07:32
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Somehow I got those malicious add ons and small software in the system, all thanked top a friend. Now want to get them deleted.
Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/01/27 14:50
Hi Henry,

Yes, InstallSafe was created to help you install any application with confidence. It monitors the installation of any application and tells you if other applications have been installed at the same time. It also tells you if the installation made changes to your browser settings. If anything unwanted is detected, InstallSafe allows you to revert these changes quickly and easily.

InstallSafe allows you to scan for and remove Browser Add-Ons for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Installing InstallSafe on your computer is easy!
  • Click here to download InstallSafe
  • When the download prompt appears, please choose to Save “InstallSafeSetup.exe” on your computer
  • Once the download is complete, choose Run or double-click the “InstallSafeSetup.exe” file on your computer to start the installation process
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process
  • Once the installation is complete, InstallSafe will automatically launch on your computer. Follow the instructions to perform your first toolbar and potentially unwanted product scan.
You can also try disabling the ad-on on your own. Her are the steps to do so.

Mozilla Firefox:
  1. Click the orange "Firefox" button in the top left-hand corner of the browser window and choose "Add-ons" from the right column of the menu to open an Add-ons Manager tab in the active browser window.
  2. If you are using Windows XP, click on "Tools" from the menu bar near the top of the browser window and choose "Add-ons."
  3. Click "Extensions" to view the installed extensions that add features to Firefox, or click "Plugins" to view plugins that add compatibility and functionality.
  4. Find the add-on you want to disable and click its "Disable" button.
  5. If you want to delete an extension entirely, click "Remove."
  6. Restart Firefox to complete the process.

Google Chrome:

  1. Click the menu icon "" at the top right of the browser window, choose "Tools" and choose "Extensions" to open a new "Options" tab.
  2. Uncheck "Enabled" to disable an extension, or click "Remove" to delete it completely.
  3. Enter "chrome://plugins/" in Chrome's address bar to view plugins that add compatibility and functionality, such as Apple QuickTime or Adobe Flash,
  4. Click the "Disable" link under the plugin you want to disable.
I hope this helps.



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